Singapore’s Got Talent – Landscape Architecture in Singapore

Singapore’s Got Talent – Landscape Architecture in Singapore

For this issue of our “Got Talent” world series, we have selected 10 amazing projects that represent Landscape Architecture in Singapore. Singapore is one of the leaders of modern architecture nowadays. For decades it has been transforming its cities with distinguished structures and it has been recognized for originality and design all over the world. So, let’s take a look at some projects…

Landscape Architecture in Singapore

10. Patterson Collection Located in the River Valley Planning residential area, in the main district, this exotic residential development consists of two towers, each with 19 stories of flats. ONG&ONG was the firm who took charge of the landscape design in this place, with responsibility and consciousness toward the environment, where the residents can join harmoniously with the exuberant vegetation as well.

Patterson Collection. Photo courtesy of ONG ONG

Patterson Collection. Photo courtesy of ONG ONG

9. Adria Completed in 2013 and designed by ONG&ONG, one of the most important landscape firms in Singapore, Adria is a residential project located in the Novena District, in a strategic place where residents are easily linked to the most important nearby places. Here’s where home is a synonym of luxury and coziness. The landscape design has placed terraces where residents can have an inside/outside experience with the exotic vegetation, and pools refresh the surroundings with a new kind of “islands”, where residents will forget about where they are.

Adria. Photo courtesy of ONG&ONG

8. Cyan Another design by the prestigious landscape firm ONG&ONG, is Cyan. These two 24-story residential towers are quite different from others. What makes it special is that just about 20 percent of the site is occupied by buildings, leaving the other 80 percent to landscape. This project combines luxury housing with plenty of vegetation and water. The landscape designers captured the tranquility of gardens, so the residents would feel a sense of peace inside the noisy city. The firm planned for all the amenities people need to be located in the same place. Residents don’t need to take step out of the devolvement, for they have everything they need inside. And if you wonder why it is named Cyan, it is for the cyan-colored tiles used in the pool.
Cyan. Photo credit: Bai Jiwen

Cyan. Photo credit: Bai Jiwen

7. Minton Housing Development Designed by DP Architects Pte Ltd, this housing development of 10 towers with an extensive offering of activities and such a fascinating interpretation of landscape, which makes this residential complex an attractive place to live as well. Wooden bridges and sky terraces connect and are in turn interconnected with the living blocks, making a whole new experience for the residents. With spaces for yoga, karaoke, spa, and piano playing; adding commercial services and seating areas across the entire development makes it a perfect place for living. This development shows the modern and sophisticated lifestyle of residents where they can meet with nature, not leaving behind their comfort.
Housing development

A landscaped deck connected to a distinctive bridge links the different levels in this development. Photo credit: Marc Tey

6. The Coast Continuing with residential developments that look like a 5-star hotel, we found The Coast. Located in Sentosa, which translated from malayo means peace and tranquility; this residential development enters another luxury category, with privileged views to the South China Sea to which only residents have access. The landscape design was charged to Tierra Design + POD. Vertical gardens and oases create the perfect ambience that connects directly with nature while residents get encapsulated away from the noisy city. This is the kind of project where tranquility, peace and architecture have the same meaning.

The Coast. Photo credit: TIERRA DESIGN (S) PTE LTD.

5. City Square Urban Park As far as we can see, ONG & ONG has established its presence in Singapore not only in residential development but in urban projects. City Square Urban Park is adjacent to the City Square Mall. The real purpose of the park is to be an “educational” park where the population can learn about ecology, understand nature, and most important, respect it for its role in conservation. Also, to be coherent with the educational theme, the park is built with eco-friendly materials and alternative energy supplies the functions of light and temperature regulation. Not a common park, as they try to break the bridges among social classes, where everyone is equal. This is the kind of park every city in the world needs.
City Square Urban Park

City Square Urban Park. Photo credits: See Chee Keong

4. Cape Royal Resort If you want to have your sweet and perfect escape for holidays, this is definitely the place you should go on vacation. Cape Royale Resort is located in Sentosa Island, one of the most attractive places in Singapore which is full of tourists every year. The Thai firm TROP: TERRAINS + OPEN SPACE was in charge of the landscape design. This resort has it all; beautiful views to the sea, pools with different depths, and a special and enormous pool which is the centerpiece. A real oasis encapsulated inside the hustle a bustle of a city.
Landscape Architecture in Singapore

Organic landscape platform, inspired by coral reefs, is a combination of Bubble Planters, Main Living Corridor, Reflecting Pond, Floating Wooden Terraces and the Gigantic Pool. Image credit: TROP: terrains + open space

3. Marina One We have talked about amazing and unique projects, this is not an exception. Marina One is located in the business district of Singapore, with four towers of different heights and such a great design viewed from the inside. With a green valley in the central area, we find waterfalls that fill a pool, and ramps where anyone can take a walk to have some peaceful time surrounded with nature. Its organic façade plays along with the environment. Terraces in the buildings provide a place from which to gaze at the surroundings, including a green roof that recalls nature.

Visualisation of Marina one. Image courtesy of Gustafon Porter

2. The Capitol Yes, the capitol. Not like in the Hunger Games, but a capitol which thinks of the entire, real society. One of the most expensive projects planned for the inhabitants of this district, the municipal campus hosts interactive attractions, cultural events, galleries, open markets and so on. This project combines the luxury of the private with the open access of populism, creating interaction between them. I believe this project has a very well-thought-out social purpose.
Capitol Aerial

Capitol Aerial. Credit: Capitol Holdings

1. Bishan Park As Wyn Phyo outlined in her article, “How Bishan Park Became the ‛Central Park’ of Singapore”, Bishan Park is to Singapore what Central Park is to NYC. It is a recreational park in which water is an important element to refresh the location, thanks to an engineering project that irrigates with water to feed the ecosystem within. This park is surrounded by a watercourse which carries 40% of the nation’s water during the rainy season. It has been designed to reduce heat during the day, and to refresh the area. In addition, the park has multiple playgrounds, so people each have a space according to their age; “Recycle Hill” is the name of the area that receives these playgrounds, which are made of recycled concrete. Moreover, the park has connected its neighbors with nature and the conservation of it.
Landscape Architecture in Singapore

Bishan Park. Photo courtesy of Atelier Dreiseitl.

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