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Sketchy Saturday

This week’s Sketchy Saturday sees some of the regular artists feature along with several new entrants staking their claim to be featured to our rapidly growing Sketchy Saturday weekly feature. We always try to keep the judging process as fair as possible but have to admit with so many styles it is almost impossible to judge everyone with the same criteria, however that’s what I believe makes Sketchy Saturday so interesting, no two sketches are the same and the diversity on display always keeps things spicy. Congratulations to all of you who featured in this weeks Sketchy Saturday top 10, and you are all encouraged to submit more of your work, week in week out, giving your talent the world wide acknowledgment it so truly deserves. 10. Sushmitha.N,  a student of 2nd year architecture ,Bangalore,India ww


Sushnitha.N, India

“A photograph which caught my eyes. The view is a feast to the eyes of the viewer. The stone building blending with the beauty of nature. Its a heritage site in Karnataka,India. As architects, it is our duty to respect and protect nature. Medium and material: This is dry pastel work on cartridge sheet”. 9. Dorjana Kasemi

Dorjana Kasemi, Albania.

“The sketch was made during the preparation period for a university competition. So we had to move around the city, to go in front of certain buildings in order to learn to draw as needed for a certain time. So therefore we have memorized almost every detail of our city’s facilities. The sketch’s style is a simple technic made with pencil ( different thickness of pencil’s tip ) on normal drawing paper. The building,it is located in the center of the city in Tirana, in front of a park”. 8. by Joshua Rodriguez, United States, New Jersey, Student of the Landscape Architecture Program at Rutgers University

Joshua Rodriguez, United States

“After studying Japanese Gardens this past semester at Rutgers University of New Brunswick, they have become something really meaningful to me and they have become a major part of my design style. I also rendered it in a Japanese style being sure to use ink. The pagoda overlooks a pond that is surrounded by Japanese elements one would see in that style of garden”. 7.  Attila Toth, landscape architect, PhD student, SUA Nitra, Slovakia

Attila Tóth, Slovakia

“This sketch depicts the main building of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra built in the 60’s in the Functional style. It is one of the main landmarks of my city and was awarded the “Building of the Century” and listed as a National Cultural Monument, thus it is an inspiring object for sketching. It is a simply sketch made with pencil and coloured with artist pens”. 6. Arch. Roland B. Cepeda Manila,Philippines

Roland Cepeda, Philippines

Vibrant colours really make this sketch bounce right off the page, the rich tones  and the old rustic red brick walls create an evening summer time feel; complimented beautifully by the iconic mediterranean styled planting, this picture screams summertime vacation, a good book and a glass of red. 5. Vilma Picari,  student in Epoka Univerfrsity, Department of Architecture.

Vilma Picari, Albania

“I drew this sketch during the first days of starting studying in this building (which would become my second home). In this way I came to know it better. This is a free hand drawing perspective  in pencil of  epoka Social Center and Department of Architecture located in Tirana,Albania. I’m a student in Epoka University, Department of Architecture”. 4.  Stephanie Kennedy, landscape architect at Walt Disney Imagineering in Glendale, CA “This is a pen and ink drawing of Crown Candy Kitchen in North St Louis, Missouri. My mother grew up in this neighborhood in the 50’s. Although the area has deteriorated considerably since then due to tornado damage, the economy, etc., this is one business that has managed to survive and even thrive. In fact, on weekends, the line to get in usually stretches around the block”.

Stephanie Kennedy, USA

3. by Mark Sulit Almazan, Architect / Project Engineer (Singapore), Philippines

Mark Almazan, Philipinnes

In a tropical country like Philippines, it is very ideal to promote modern open-planning, for its complementary use of architecture and simple decor like glass to create a warm and welcoming place for relaxation and comfort. The interior features simple concrete and from the floor to the ceiling there is folding glass doors, in which natural light flows in. 2. Hayley seolhee Lee, University of New south wales, Sydney, Australia

Hayley seolhee Lee, Australia

A beautiful overall view of the landscape, taking both manmade and natural features into the scene, blurring the boundaries, not just between materials but between times of construction, style and the every changing economy.  1. Alan Ramiro Manning, Senior Architecture Student at Woodbury University, Burbank, Ca, USA

Alan Ramiro Manning, USA

“I sat on a patch of grass at the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona to sketch for the afternoon while enjoying the clamor and bustle of the urban activity. My girlfriend and her friend were taking in some sun beside me, as I passionately observed and delineated the lines that make up this active space.” – That’s it for this week’s Sketchy Saturday, thank you all so much for your weekly artistic contributions that all come together to make Sketchy Saturday what it is – a celebration of talent, creativity and a desire to understand one’s surroundings. Check out the Sketchy Saturday official Facebook album and see literally 1,000′s of incredible sketches! If you want to take part send your entries into us at Recommended reading: Sketching from the Imagination: An Insight into Creative Drawing by 3DTotal Article written by Scott D. Renwick

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