Top 10 Landscape Architecture Discussion Threads of 2013

We’re returning this week to Part 2 of our Land8 2013 Countdown with a look at the most popular discussion threads launched this year. The Land8 Forum, which includes an archive of over 2,500 individual threads and fourteen sub-categories, continues to offer a wealth of knowledge for everyone from the prospective landscape architecture student to the professional seeking technical advice. Read on for the top 10 most viewed discussion threads!

1. Autocad | Full Path vs. Relative Path by Daniel Miller | RLA, LEED AP

“Anyone care to share which Autocad XREF method they use as their office standard? Every LA firm I’ve ever worked for has done Full Path XREFs as their standard, but I’m seeing architects and consultants sharing files as Relative Path XREFs.  I see the benefit to Relative paths (especially when sharing/e-transmitting files to other disciplines), but I’m curious to hear if there are any drawbacks when working mostly on a singular, in-house server where Full paths easily reside.” READ ON ->

2. Landscape Architecture Vs. Architecture by Michael Krueger

“I am a High School Junior, and I have done a lot of research in the architecture fields. I know, this is a very basic question, but I want to know what an actual Landscape Architect’s opinion of this is. Which field is better, Landscape Architecture or Architecture (for a college major)? Career-wise, which field is more rewarding/enjoyable?” READ ON ->

3. AutoCAD & Photoshop color renderings by J. Robert Wainner

“I’m an “old school” Landscape Architect….graduated from Texas A&M University in 1977.  Back in the day when “autoCAD and Photoshop” were not taught.  Every project…sketch, color rendering and final drawing were all produced “by hand”.  I took my 1st drafting course when I was 12 yrs. old (7th grade) as well as art courses and additional Architectural drawing courses through high school….it was a different world back then. Though, I still feel that “hand sketches” definitely still play a critical role in the LA design process today.” READ ON ->

4. Can you give me a realistic picture of being a landscape architect? by Lauren Davis

“So what is it like working in landscape architecture? Do you get to design the pretty, environmentally friendly city parks that I collect on tumblr? I joined hoping that your experiences can help convince to either go for it (or not)!” READ ON ->

5. What’s Wrong with This Picture: Episode III – Revenge of the Site by Jason T. Radice

“This week’s is again very simple (don’t overthink it) but is all too easy to overlook.There is a bit of controversy with this, but I stand on the side of logic. Happy hunting!” READ ON ->

6. Landscape architects salaries?? by Chiara Goltein

“What’s the typical low-high range for entry level landscape architecture positions in California? Public vs. private consulting firms?” READ ON ->

7. Designing Natural Play Spaces for Children by Jeffrey Lindstrom

“My question for you all is this; What are some of the most successful spaces, in your eyes, that are successfully connecting children to the natural world? Additionally, what is it about those spaces that make them successful and engaging? As with any “niche” of design, there are many different approaches that people are taking to outdoor classrooms, nature-based play, and establishing a connection to the natural world.” READ ON ->

8. Design Fee Shock by Greg Byrer

“After doing this for over 25 years, can someone please tell me why a $600 design fee to design all the exterior elements for a $500K property with a 30′ elevation on a lake is too expensive?” READ ON ->

9. AutoDesk Revit Architecture…for landscape architects by Andrés Felipe Fajardo

“I would like to know if anyone has first hand experience using Revit Architecture in the realm of landscape architecture. We are current trying to weigh the pros/cons of the program.” READ ON ->

10. What do you think of my portfolio cover? by Luke Mancuso


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