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10 Urban Plant Choices to Create a Bee-friendly City

Emily Sinclair – Read this article if you want to learn some top plant choices that can be implemented for a bee-friendly city. There are many factors to consider when planting for a bee-friendly city. After all, you want the garden to be enjoyable for the bees, but also for yourself. This will look different depending on who you are and where you live. Some places to consider engaging in some bee-friendly plantings could be your existing garden, your balcony or window boxes, and even your lawn. The Honey Bee Conservatory has outlined the different ways you can encourage bee activity in your garden, including providing spaces for them to burrow – an often overlooked component of the bee’s lifestyle. In planting, you want to avoid highly hybridized plants as they are bred to pro...Read More

10 of The Best TED Talks to Inspire Landscape Architects

Article by Monika Roy – We take a chance to list 10 of the best TED talks we could find, that we feel will inspire landscape architects.  For 33 years, the famous online platform TED has been simultaneously spreading newer and newer inspiring ideas about numerous technological and social breakthroughs going on around the world. Day by day, more people are getting interested in such passionate talks not only because of their brief lengths but also as these talks boost our creativity and broaden our perspectives. Here, we have presented 10 intriguing TED talks involved with landscape-related elements, materials, social integration, and city life. We believe these talks will inspire many landscape architects to follow their dreams in today’s challenging world! 10 of The Best TED Talks 1...Read More

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