Dania Park, Landscape Architecture’s Love Story With Water


Borrowing the Greater Landscape It is quite interesting to see how the greater landscape has been visually borrowed and adapted to the area of the park, resulting in a unique celebration of the sea and its elements. Different social activities are available at the water’s edge, which makes the park even more interesting for its visitors.

Carefully Chosen Spaces Deliver Vitality to The Park

As you will have the opportunity to discover, the park is comprised of spaces that have various sizes and qualities. In this way, the designers have addressed the various forms of park life to perfection. The Scouts deliver the smallest spaces of the park, accommodating approximately 10 to 15 people while the multi-use lawn can accommodate an impressive number of park visitors.

Dania Park

Dania Park. Photo courtesy of Thorbjörn Andersson

Dania Park

Dania Park. Photo credit: ArbabSvensson

Dania Park

Dania Park. Photo credit: Arbab Svensson

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Given its variety of spaces, it’s not surprising to see that the park has become a popular choice for weddings, baptizing or fashion photography sessions.

Dania Park is the Place to be

The Dania Park has become the go-to park for local citizens and tourists visiting the town of Malmö. It is the kind of urban space that is filled with positive energy, with the elements of earth blending perfectly with the ones of water. On a sunny day, you can expect thousands of day enjoying the park life. After reading about this amazing transformation, can you come up with your own examples? 

Full Project Credits for Dania Park

Project name: Dania Park Location: Malmö, Sweden Landscape architects: Thorbjörn Andersson, Sweco Architects Team: PeGe Hillinge, Veronika Borg, Anders Lidström, Sven Hedlund, Peter Ekroth, Clotte Frank Area: 20.000 m2 Opening: 2001

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