The Netherlands Got Talent! – 10 Awesome Projects From The Netherlands

Roombeek The Brook. Image courtesy of Buro Sant en Co

Article by Carlos Cortés It’s time for the Netherlands in our world series. We have selected 10 fabulous and well-thought-out projects from the Netherlands that will delight you. The term landscape is an Anglicization of the Dutch landschap, this term was, in the beginning, only applied to paintings, then to poetry, and later to real views. The Netherlands’ relationship with landscape and art has always been strong. Historical narratives and the care of heritage sites, cycling paths and connecting bridges, and water and pollution problems solved with innovation are some of the key elements that make the Netherlands’ landscape architecture one to be experienced and studied. Artistic vistas and functional designs are perfectly executed in each project. There is a sense of balance between aesthetics and sustainability. Here are our top 10 of the most magnificent landscape architecture projects from the Netherlands. Let’s take a look!

10 Awesome Projects From The Netherlands

1. Starry Bicycle Path, Studio Roosegaarde, Eindhoven, the Netherlands Eindhoven isVan Gogh’s hometown. The “Starry Night” inspires a sublime cycle path and pays tribute to the painter’s legacy. 50,000 stones coated in phosphorescent paint and solar powered LEDs guide the biker through this 335-kilometer landscape artwork. Its purpose was to connect distant places composing a five-segment design whilst making bike safer and absolutely pleasant. The paint for the stones is solar-energy based and incorporates a complete system to collect and store that energy during the day!

Starry Bicycle Path, Studio Roosegaarde, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Credit: ‘Daan Roosegaarde’ and Heijmans

Starry Bicycle Path, Studio Roosegaarde, Eindhoven, the Netherlands. Credit: ‘Daan Roosegaarde’ and Heijmans

2. Waterplein Benthemplein, by De Urbanisten, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands Water is a key element in almost every project from the Netherlands; none the less this is often related to flood problems. The Waterplein Benthemplein is a sustainable solution to keep an eye on and learn from! The design features three concrete basins where the water of the surrounding area is collected, forming small lakes. Each “lake” is used for different activities when dry weather occurs. This is a beautiful and great solution from the Netherlands. Is there anything like that in your city?
Waterplein Benthemplein.

Waterplein Benthemplein. Photo courtesy of De Urbanisten

3. Undulating Bridge Hoofddorp project by LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects, Hoofddorp, the Netherlands An awarded project in 2015 by the Lamp Lighting Solutions, this bridge connects the rail and bus station to the sustainable office park Beukenhorst in Hoofddorp. As generally practised in Netherlands landscaping, the history and heritage of the site is a major topic; on this project the bridge pays tribute to and is influenced by the Unesco World Heritage site “Geniedijk”. It is composed of Poplar trees planted along a dike. No doubt this is another landscape artwork to watch!
Undulating Bridge Hoofddorp. Photo courtesy of LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects.

Undulating Bridge Hoofddorp. Photo courtesy of LODEWIJK BALJON landscape architects.

4. Roombeek the Brook, by Buro Sant en Co, in Enschede, the Netherlands Roombeek the Brook Street combines and reflects some of the most important elements in urban landscape architecture;, beauty and an appropriate design for its users. A natural element is emulated as a waterway representing the Roombeek River; this is achieved through cracked artificial stones that are placed over the water. The Brook Street becomes a point for socialization and a symbol for the city. And it seems so fun to be there!
Roombeek The Brook. Image courtesy of Buro Sant en Co

Roombeek The Brook. Image courtesy of Buro Sant en Co

5. The Roof Gardens of the European Patent Office, Rijswijk, the Netherlands This roof garden designed in 1999 integrates aesthetics and functionality at their best; as a landscape, a microcosm, and a habitat. Made of defined garden rooms, each with layers of thematic vegetation, this garden encourages the diversity of butterflies, bees and birds. Innovative for the harvesting and storage of rainwater, this landscape architecture installation for the EPO Headquarters is amazing. The design provides vistas and visual references to water, which is a very important element for this project. You must check it out in detail! 6. Roofpark Vierhavenstrip, by Buro Sant en Co with the municipality of Rotterdam, in Rotterdam, the Netherlands The top of a shopping center seems to be the perfect place for green roofs! In this case the benefits are multiple, including improved quality life for the neighborhoods, 600 new jobs created, and sustainable living and work areas. A compact and multifunctional design is divided into three major areas; the Mediterranean garden, the playground, and the community garden. Roofpark Vierhavenstrip is a perfect example for social sustainability.
Roofpark Vierhavenstrip

© Roof Park Rotterdam. Preliminary Design by Buro Sant en Co—overview water stairs

7. Westergasfabriek Park, Gustafson Porter, Amsterdam, the Netherlands How did this polluted site become such a sublime piece of landscape? The designer’s vision was to balance man’s relationship with nature. To achieve this, they restored the polluted and contaminated soil, bringing clean soil to the site. Also, a biological process called phytoremediation serves to reverse the effects of pollution and creates, along with other vegetation, such a wonderful landscape full of delightful views.
Westergasfabriek Park

Westergasfabriek Park. Image courtesy of Gustafson Porter

8. The Rooftop Park at Saint John’s Bulwark, by OSLO Ontwerp Stedelijke en Landschappelijke Omgeving, in `s-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch), the Netherlands There is so much to say about this project. Located on the outer bend of the Stadsdommel River, the rooftop park gets a stunning view of the whole place. None the less, the designers have some problems to solve but hey – they did a great job solving them! For example, due to its location, the rooftop park was exposed to full sun all afternoon and evening. They offered shade to visitors through incorporating locust trees. Netherlanders care for their historic places like this one and come to restore them with great ideas!
The Rooftop Park at Saint John’s Bulwark. Photo credit: Marlene van Gessel

The Rooftop Park at Saint John’s Bulwark. Photo credit: Marlene van Gessel

9. Amstelveen Zonnehuis Care Home, by HOSPER, in Amstelveen, the Netherlands The Amstelveen Zonnehuis Care Home shows another face of sustainability which is focused on the proper re-use and transformation of marginalized areas. The design promotes the interaction between groups of people, aiming to provide quality residences, healthy lifestyles and of course some beautiful aesthetics. This Care Home leads urban regeneration to a more conscious level. Amstelveen Zonnehuis Care Home 10. Green Road, a peaceful park by REDscape Landscape & Urbanism, Province of Utrecht, the Netherlands Keeping up with the interactive designs, we have the Green Road. This park shares its history with the visitors, one related to WWI and WWII. Forts and bunkers are healed by the design that focuses on regenerative fauna and flora but it also allows users to experience the site original intention. This site has double impact, preserving historical heritage and nature. It’s such a peaceful green road now. – I have to say there is so much to learn from the Netherlands’ landscape architecture. They manage history, sustainability, social impact, and a very powerful touch of art in their projects.  It is essential to go into detail for students with projects such as the care home or the Waterplein Benthemplein. The diversity of artistic feelings take you from colorful spots like in the Roof Gardens of the European Patent Office to bicycle paths meant to be experienced as a “Starry Night”. This short list is only the beginning for a really talented land such as the Netherlands. What do you think about our Top 10 projects from the Netherlands? Which one is your favorite? Tell us in the comments! Go to comments Recommended Reading:

Article by Carlos Cortés

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