The Challenges of Urban Agriculture: Contamination, Economics, and Management

In many ways, urban growers have the odds stacked against them, especially when compared to rural farmers…

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How to Transform SketchUp models into Digital Hybrid Watercolor Renderings

In 2011, I developed the Digital SketchUp Watercolor - an amazing hybrid visualization technique for transforming a Google SketchUp model view…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: Analytical Drawing - Urban Scenes

As I always like to say: drawing is a tool for analysis, observing and thinking. That's why a drawing can be much more than merely a recording of a view…

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Filmtastic Fridays: Australia Announces Its First Festival of Landscape Architecture

Early this month, the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA) unveiled the much-anticipated program for its first-of-its-kind Forecast Festival of Landscape Architecture…

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Food-Producing Landscapes: Principles of Design

Food producing landscapes are more controversial than your typical landscape project. However, a common set of principles can help guide the design process for any of them…

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Green Tech Review: The Long Term Performance of Permeable Paving

Permeable pavements are a great tool for alleviating stormwater issues. Proper design—like with most landscape technologies—is key to their success…

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Top 10 Websites for Learning Realistic Landscape Architecture Rendering Tips and Tricks

When I started teaching the University of Maryland's landscape architecture digital drafting and mapping course, I scoured the web for the best resources and tutorials for my students…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: One Point Perspective

Today, we're going to look at drawing in perspective. Mastering basic perspective is crucial for drawing outdoor environments…

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Filmtastic Fridays: How Can We Work with the Landscape to Make Livable Places?

The Landscape Institute is pleased to launch a new animation by cartoonist and urbanist Rob Cowan, titled: How can we work with the landscape to make livable places?

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The Beauty of Food: Gardens As Placemakers

According to a recent study by the National Gardening Association, more than 1 in 3 American households now grow a portion of the food they consume — a 17 percent increase over the last 5 years alone…

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Putting a Price on Design: What is the Value of Public Space?

Iconic, candy-coloured and hugely popular, Toronto's award-winning Sugar Beach is making headlines again, but this time the story's not quite so sweet…

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Comparing and Contrasting Landscape Architecture in Brazil and New Zealand

In my home country of Brazil, landscape architecture is considered part of a five-year architecture degree and not as a separate discipline…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: Drawing Architecture

Drawing landscape and drawing architecture can be two quite different things. This week, we'll look at drawing architecture and why it's also important for landscape architects…

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Filmtastic Fridays: Tagus Linear Park - Topiaris Landscape Architecture

Unlike with architecture, trying to capture the spirit of a landscape in digital media can feel downright impossible…

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Why Landscape Architects Stopped Specifying Edible Plants (And Why They Have Started Again)

In the 150 years that landscape architecture has been formally recognized as a profession, there has existed a gulf of separation between our discipline and agriculture…

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Lessons Learned From Landscape Architecture Firm Visits

Visiting various different landscape architecture offices is a great way to understand each firm's different niche and specialization…

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Defensive Versus Inclusive Design: Vancouver's Urban Antidote to London's "Anti-homeless" Spikes

Homelessness is a social problem that affects cities the world over. The image above depicts two very different ways of dealing with the issue…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: How to Draw Faster

This week we'll look at some techniques that can help you draw faster. But first, let's ask ourselves why do we want to draw faster?

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Filmtastic Fridays: The Trees - Growing a Forest for Ground Zero

When most people think about the 9/11 Memorial design, it’s the two giant waterfalls that first come to mind. But landscape architects know that the space would not be nearly as impactful without…

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Digitising Landscape Architecture: Get Modelling with InfraWorks!

Autodesk InfraWorks is a relatively new program that provides an extremely powerful yet relatively simple 3D visualisation environment for importing and rendering extremely large datasets in real time.

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How to Plan a Landscape Architecture Firm Visit

It's a common phrase heard in networking: "It's not about who you know, but who knows you." As a student, how do you even start to put yourself out there?

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Beauty on a Budget: Landscape Architects EMF Transform Urban Wasteland into Barcelona Pocket Park

What kind of public space could you create with less than $4 per square foot ($40 per square meter)? In the wake of the economic crisis, Spanish landscape architects EMF…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: Analytical Section Drawing

Drawing can be a powerful tool for analyzing an object. We draw what we perceive and not what is actually there. Therefore our drawing…

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Filmtastic Fridays - Frederick Law Olmsted: Designing America

All of us know Frederick Law Olmsted as the founder of landscape architecture--but what most don't know are the fascinating details of his background and…

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Digitising Landscape Architecture: Land F/X

Today in the Digitising Landscape Architecture series we're going to talk about Land F/X: a landscape-specific, BIM-enabling add on program that works entirely…

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Hunter's Point South Waterfront Park Serves as a Model of Urban Resiliency in Handling Floodwater

Across the East River from Manhattan, Hunter’s Point South Waterfront Park showcases impressive views of the iconic New York City skyline…

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EDRA Announces Six Exemplary Winners of the 2014 Great Places Awards

The Environmental Design Research Association recently announced the winners of its 16th annual Great Places Award. This year, six exemplary projects in landscape architecture, architecture, planning, and urban design…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: Drawing With Watercolors

Color in landscape architectural drawing is a tool for emphasizing important elements of the image, structuring or improving understanding…

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Filmtastic Fridays: High Line Phase Two

Ever since the High Line opened its doors in 2009, the elevated park has continued to inspire similar urban transformations from Philadelphia's Rail Park to…

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Digitising Landscape Architecture: Vectorworks Landmark

Nemetschek’s Vectorworks Landmark is one of the few standalone BIM-enabling software packages targeted specifically towards landscape architects…

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Four Leading Landscape Architecture Firms Selected to Tackle DC’s First Elevated Park

Washington D.C.'s 11th Street Bridge Project Jury recently selected four outstanding design teams to develop designs for the city's first elevated park…

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NYC's High Line Park Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Few projects since then have made such an impact on the meaning of parkland until the opening of the High Line five years ago this month…

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Hand Drawing Tutorial: How to Draw Tree Groups

Monday is here and it's time for another Hand Drawing Tutorial! This time, we'll look at drawing tree groups…

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Filmtastic Fridays: Solar-Powered Water Wheel Cleans Up Baltimore's Harbor Trash

Cities all around the world struggle with trash-clogged waterways, but Baltimore, MD may be the first to combat the issue in style with a massive solar-powered Water Wheel…

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Digitising Landscape Architecture: Revit for Landscape Architects

Most landscape architects don't use Revit, and it's not surprising to see why. Right from the outset, even Autodesk’s description of Revit demonstrates the software’s inclination towards architects and buildings…

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Book Review - Private Landscapes: Modernist Gardens in Southern California

Modern landscapes are a dime a dozen these days, but have you ever wondered how they got started? "Private Landscapes" by Pamela Burton and Marie Botnick explores the development of modernist gardens…

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